Putting this in a comment now:

[Edit] I felt like I should add just a little bit more of a disclaimer here, as I did in the tweet thread version. It did occur to me to throw out a naive attempt at this last night in the midst of many other random things I did but I hadn’t paid the fixed cost yet. I think that the above is fairly representative of what you can do very quickly once you take the time to familiarize [I made my first attempt at doing anything ever ~8pm last night].


Of course to make this into its own, highly optimized app you can take off the shelf and e.g. plug any random guest into would take more time and a lot of head-banging to debug, but that’s not the point of this demonstration. The point is that even this simple kind of AI exercise can stimulate creativity by helping people to vividly imagine things during a brainstorming session without requiring them to commit to some heavy duty AI project or even touch a single line of code!

Also it’s just really fun to make AI LeBron fight with AI Michael Jordan.


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Man... note to self: next time I assign essay questions for homework, just don't bother. The program writes better than almost any student I have had, and I would have a hell of a time telling the difference. All essays must be done in class, with no phones or devices, apparently.

Thanks for sharing!

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Guests often don’t realise when Cowen is being ironic/trolling, I think but the chat it seems to have got it…

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